The Need to Fire Tomás Regalado from Radio Martí

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Santa Clara, Cuba, 9/11/2019.

Dear Sir or Madam:

We write to you from Santa Clara in Cuba, this month of September of 2019.  We address you to convey to you that we know well that the problem in Cuba is ours alone, and that it is up to us to act and sacrifice ourselves for our own freedom.  This is what we attempt at doing.

We are grateful to the solidarity shown to us by the people of the United States, and given the above, we also express our deep concern for the steps undertaken in the USA, at the behest of Jorge Mas Canosa's activism, plus the unquestionable support of the New Jersey community of the early 1980's, who would charter buses leaving Union City to travel to the nation's capital and undertake demonstration in front of the White House, supporting the establishment of Radio Marti.

 This dream of Mr. Mas Canosa, and that of the New Jersey Cuban community, gave way thanks to the decision by President Ronald Reagan, a Republican, along with the decisive vote cast by the Democrat Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, for a station that had its first broadcast on May 20th, 1985, Cuban Independence Day.  Regrettably, the people who made Radio Marti a reality are no longer here with us, but the need is as it was 34 years and almost 4 months ago.  The solution to what ails Radio Marti is not putting an end to it, nor the reduction of its budget, since this would be an immense, unintended gift to the Cuban regime.   What needs to be done are changes that would put the station's broadcast at the level for which Radio Marti was intended.

We approach you in the midst of a repressive and violent Cuban government wave against free thinking Cubans of all stripes, and we perceive here on the island, that when we most need the station and the voices in Radio Marti to reflect what is going on the island, its current director, Mr. Tomas Regalado, prioritizes programming which each day is more distant from us, solely reflecting Regalado's mindset as if he were still the mayor of Miami.  Tomas Regalado totally disregards the fact that he is not transmitting to Miami nor is he transmitting about Miami, instead, Radio Marti is intended to be focused on Cuba regarding Cuba.  That, in our humble opinion, should be the priority.

Since Mr. Regalado's swearing in in Washington, on May 20th, 2018, those programs which could reflect our voices, our terrible reality, either disappear or their time is cut to the minimum.  Programming intended for the Cuban people each day is being diverted more and more to local Miami news, which without a doubt, reflect Mr. Regalado's circle of acquaintances, such as his friends who are doctors, psychologists, business owners. 

Mr. Regalado has regrettably not learned the downfall of nepotism in America's society.  We mention here that the stellar 6pm newscast of September 3rd, was substituted by a program in which Raquel Regalado participated.  Raquel Regalado is the daughter of Mr. Tomas Regalado, Sr., who in the absence of his son Mr. Tommy Regalado, currently being investigated given the fake news scandal the son is involved in, Raquel was brought in to do a program that had nothing to do with Cuba news.  Tommy Regalado's fake news incident by the way, has favored the Cuban regime tremendously and damaged Radio Marti's reputation without a doubt.  

Notwithstanding substituting such an important news program for the "special programming" with Mr. Regalado's daughter, what happened on the following day, September 4th, was a repeat of September 3rd.  On September 4th, Raquel Regalado's program was rebroadcast instead of  the scheduled "Hoy en Cuba" program.  "Hoy en Cuba", in our opinion has the best audience following inside Cuba, because it does reflect what is going on inside the island.  Raquel took the airwaves to talk about Miami issues, on the eve of an important visit to Cuba by a representative of the European Union, at a moment that Roberto Quiñones was supposed to be heading to jail, days off the September 8th civil protests scheduled for Cuba.

It was painful to see how important programming that exists to serve the Cuban people has been placed to serve the political aspirations of Mr. Regalado, who took to the airwaves to talk about a hurricane that was not headed to Cuba but which served for the former (and future?) Miami mayor talk about how Miami does business with the Bahamas.  During the hurricane and Miami-Bahamas business connections musings, by Mr. Regalado, there was no equal time regarding the repressive wave confronting Cuban islanders prior to the September 8th civil protests on the Cuban island.  

In Cuba we understand that those in charge of broadcasting in the USA, should make decisions which are necessary to put an end to radio broadcasts intended for a target audience facing the worse repression on the American Hemisphere for 60 years and counting.  Given Mr. John Lansing's decision to leave USAGM, we believe that it is vital -at the level necessary to make a clear decision- to remove Mr. Tomas Regalado from his position, to take away a microphone which the former mayor of Miami employs as his own personal tool, for his own personal and family's business advancement, and certainly not for the good of the Cuban audience.

We so appreciate your kind attention to this our letter, written from within Cuba,

Guillermo del Sol Pérez

1. Alejandro Enrique Sánchez Zaldívar

 2. Leonardo Lino Rodríguez Alonso

 3. Yochi Gorín Tejeda

 4. Berta Cárdenas Rio

5. Daimí Ventura Cárdenas

 6. Edemio Abrahantes Ventura

 7. Ana Alfonso Arteaga

 8. Alexei Mora Montalvo

 9. Jani Corrales

 10. Ariagna López Roque

 11. Yenisbel Válido

 12. María Martín Concepción

 13. Arnaldo Feliciano

 14. Josiel Tegueiro Ruiz

 15. Yoel Espinosa Medrano

 16. Lucila Del Sol Pérez

 17. Belkis Pérez Del Sol

 18. Idalberto González Gómez

 19. Alberto Sánchez Fernández

 20. Adrián Del Sol Alfonso

 21. Félix Díaz Pérez

 22. Félix Ramos Castilla

 23. Eliecer Rivero Hernández

 24. Moisés Leonardo Rodríguez Valdés

 25. Dalila Rodríguez González

 26. Rafael González Estévez

 27. Lisandra Fumero Otero

 28. Rafael González Vega

 29. Carlos Michael Morales

 30. Naylín Pérez Estévez

 31. Greco Jesús González Fumero

 32. Carmen Rosa Estévez Luna

 33. Javier Delgado Torna

 34. Sergio González González

 35. Samuel Silverio Pérez

 36. Maikel Martín Concepción

 37. Ismel Castro Valentín

 38. Wilfredo Rodríguez Borrero

39. Fidencio González Márquez

40. Lídice Bueno Lantigua

41.Roberto Alexander Rodriguez Cardona

42.Marelys Fonseca Viltres

43.Yunior berges González

44.Emiliano González Oliveira

45. Julia Rosa Piña Sánchez

46. Alberto Méndez Castelló

47.Manuel Ibarra Bermúdez

48.Pedro Alberto Ramírez Consuegra

49. Fidencio Luzardo Pérez

50.Hipólito Reverte Salup


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