Remove Race Boxes on Census Forms- End Institutional Racism NOW! We're All AMERICANS!

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Dear Americans,

Have you ever felt so bothered by the racial stereotypes heaped on you by people, and the system, that you wish you could be treated just as yourself, an American, regardless where your ancestors came from?

After all, America is a country of immigrants. E Pluribus Unum. Our ancestors came from many countries to come together as one people. Why separate their descendants and treat them differently based on where their ancestors came from? America was a land of equality, liberty and justice for all. Why run a tiered system based on ancestral origins now?

Fellow Americans, this tiered system will never change, unless we act as the forerunners to stop the tyranny by skin color NOW.

Let's petition the U.S. President and the Congress to ban all race boxes on all government agency forms, starting with the Census. We will then be truly equal! No more pigeonholing of us; no more systemic differential treatment based on racial identity; no more institutional racial discrimination inflicted upon us. We will truly come together as one country, one people, thriving on this land of the free, and home of the brave.

Thank you for joining the fight for freedom and equality! Please sign and share this petition with all your friends on social media and by email. We will persist. And we will prevail!

Much love and many hugs,

Your brothers and sisters of one big American family