Remodel Education

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This is about how we help people help themselves.

We come to you seeking your support & endorsement of a proposal for specific Education Reform.

Let's get student to teacher ratios down, by introducing technology / software so that students can learn at their own pace while having access to teachers in real time, & remove extraneous coursework in favor of real world based learning.

Have students, on a monthly basis see a therapist or take required courses on emotional intelligence. If people can learn to control their emotions, it will not just teach people how to treat each other but how to handle themselves.

Have students learn home economics, business, wood shop, technology-- real world courses, including creative arts. So that out of school, students can survive. Remove math, advanced science, & foreign languages, make these electives.

Utilize technology so that students can learn at their own pace. Each student interfaces with a teacher at a distance or a set of videos to learn a subject. Rough edges get smoothed out by onsite teachers.

The logic is that if people feel & and are able to understand their emotional selves, they will be less prone to violence, not be victims of abuse, & they will think long term in their decisions. This means people who get along and no school shootings. Please talk about it and ask your legislators & businesses to make this a reality.