Regulate how cops treat citizens in America

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Just recently, it has come to my attention that the police in America are extremely corrupt - the police in America just aren't treating citizens Fair and I'm sick of it! I'm going to share a few stories about American cops abusing their power to to give everyone an idea just how corrupt the American justice system is:

# 1. Just recently, a 21 year old woman named Samantha Luna was chilling with her best friend and best friend's boyfriend. Samantha and her best friend's boyfriend were drinking and had become slightly intoxicated so naturally, Samantha's best friend was the designated driver. While they were on the road, Samantha poked her head out the roof of the car, not knowing that there was a police car close by and the police immediately reacted by pulling her over and threatening to arrest her. They simply asked for Samantha's first and last name both which Samantha gave the police, but they didn't believe her. After Samantha tried defending her actions, a female police officer grabbed her by the hair and yanked her out of the car violently and naturally she was terrified so she started struggling in self-defense and immediately three male police officers start tackling her to the ground duct taping her hands, and threatening to pepper spray her taking her to the local County Jail even though she wasn't doing anything except sticking up for herself. She had absolutely no weapon and she did not attack any of the cops except in self-defense and in turn the cops side of the start getting violent with her and arrested her for next to nothing!

# 2. In the summer of 2016, 21 year old Moise Morancy saw a drunk 36 year old man forcibly caressing a 15 year old girl's hand and attempting to sexually molest her, and without a second thought Morancy intervened by grabbing the 36 year old drunk and warning him never to touch a girl without her permission. Immediately, several copswho were there at the scene quickly handcuffed the 36 year old man who assaulted the 15 year old girl just like they should. What day shouldn't have done, is handcuffed Morancy! According to the police, Morancy assaulted the 36 year old man which is half true, but really he just grabbed the man and warned him to leave the 15 year old alone. So basically he was being arrested for trying to prevent a bus rape. Fortunately, he was eventually released from the handcuffs thanks to the NYPD sergeant.

# 3. In 2017, some police in Utah ordered a nurse to illegally draw blood from an unconscious patient. The nurse, who's name is Alex Wubbels simply refused, knowing that this was illegal and in turn these police arrested her simply because she refused to do something that they knew was illegal!

# 4. 13 year old Landry Thompson was traveling to a dance competition with her dance partner, Josiah Kelly, 22, and their instructor, 29-year-old Emmanuel Hurd, both black males whom were given legal permission to take care of Thompson for the week, which her parents had signed on a legal document. After the three of them fell asleep at a public gas station several miles from their hometown, the police approached them in their car questioning Kelly and Hurd as to why the 13 year old was sleeping in the car with them. They simply explained that Thompson's parents gave legal permission for them to take care of them and showed the police the document where her parents had signed permission for two men to be her legal Guardians for the next week and for absolutely no reason, the police placed Kelly and Hurd under arrest and ordered Child Protective Services to place Thompson who happened to be an underage white girl in their custody. And to this day the police absolutely refuse to explain why they felt compelled to do this, but most likely, if it was two white men with an underage black girl the police wouldn't have given a shit, which is downright pathetic!

# 5. In the city of Barstow, California in 2015, a pregnant black women named Charlena Michelle Cook got in a fight with an unidentified white women in front of the latter's daughter. Eventually, the fight got bad enough that the cops showed up. The cop questioned the white women who claims Cook scared her daughter when she yelled at her.  The cop in question did not ask the white woman for her name and said that they did not believe Cook had done anything illegal. But then the one cop went up and started questioning Cook, he immediately demanded that she identified herself and gave her name which she did not have to do! Cook said she was reluctant and refused at first but then the cop said he would arrest her if she did not give her name. So Cook gave her first name to the cop who then ordered her to recite her full name which she was NOT obligated to do. Cook then ask the police to give her sometime too phone somebody and ask if she was really obligated to do all this shit and a police officer said she had one minute, but after 15 seconds he shoved this pregnant woman to the ground face first and handcuffed her illegally!

# 6. A white police officer pulled a gun on some black kids for building a tree fort and said he would kill them if they didn't stop!

# 7. Police arrested a white girl on a train for putting her feet on the seat in front of her and then they arrested her friend for sticking up her!

# 8. I'm not going to say the name of this person because I heard this story from a random Youtube commentator. Apparently they are black and they were being harassed by a white man at a gas station, so he starts sticking up for himself and the police arrested him for it!

# 9. The police beat up and arrested a late-teen girl named Ariel for standing up to homophobic Christians on gay pride day!


These are only a few of of many other examples of just how corrupt the so-called justice system is in America! Cops in America have been abusing their power ever since and it's absolutely disgusting! 

I want American officials to create a new law that will limit the power of police officers in America, and also criminalize the above treatment of ANYONE in America whether there a majority or minority group, which It's usually the latter who is treated especially poor by cops! 


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