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Reform our Justice System

As law abiding American citizens, we, the undersigned, are appalled and extremely alarmed by the Casey Anthony Defense Team’s complete disregard of and lack of respect for our country’s justice system. Whereas, It is understood and agreed that the role of Defense Counsel should be to provide the best possible defense for each and every defendant regardless of sex, race, creed, social and financial status or severity of charges. This we believe should be performed within the realm of truth, and with dignity and proper legal decorum. It is the “Zealously Defend” that we believe opens the door to the type antics we witnessed by the Casey Anthony Defense Team and therefore requires clarity both by legislators and by Bar Associations stressing legality and ethics. And Whereas, Jose Baez’ shady use of theatrics and intentional and deliberate lies in the courtroom were contemptible. His unfounded and unproven accusations of everybody except the defendant, like his theories, were all over the place. His sinister deeds were shrouded in a smug attitude and cocky demeanor. The promotion and expansion of the fabrications of a pathological liar is not the role of a defense attorney, nor should it be allowed. Cheney Mason’s arrogant, rude, crude, hateful, mean spirited behavior was completely void of professionalism and class. He proudly resorted to name calling and rude gestures in public, and on national television to express his opinion. Behavior unbecoming an officer of the court. It is the contention of the undersigned that if the defense team’s code of ethics allowed Jose Baez to blatantly lie and cheat in an open court of law to win this case with Judge, Jury, Spectators, and national television watching, what would they be inclined to do behind the scenes or behind closed doors when no one is watching? We contend that their code of ethics or lack thereof indicates that they would be inclined to solicit a particular verdict from the jury by any means possible in order to win this case. If the deceptive, rude behavior and questionable tactics by this Defense Team are allowed, then it becomes accepted. If it is accepted, then it becomes acceptable. Then it is the accepted standard. Each trial sets precedence. The Casey Anthony Defense Team seemingly patterned their defense after the OJ Simpson Murder Trial. If this type of travesty is allowed to continue, our Justice System will be rendered useless. How can Americans believe in our justice system if it continues to fail, allowing murderers (OJ Simpson, child molesters (Michael Jackson) and baby killers (Casey Anthony) to continue to walk free even after arduous and costly trials. A trial should be a dignified quest for truth. Again, each defendant should have the right to the best defense possible, but within the realm of truth. Attorneys, particular Defense Attorneys should be required to take an oath to tell the truth, as do witnesses. At the very least, they should be required to take an Oath NOT to Lie. And Whereas, we believe that in cases in which children have perished at the hands of those morally, ethically and legally responsible for the life and safety of that child, perhaps the burden of proof of innocence should be on the defense rather than the burden of proof guilt which is currently required by the prosecution.

And Whereas, we specifically request that Jurors receive at least one full day of instructions covering the rules and definitions as they relate to their role as jurors prior to commencement of a trail. Reasonable doubt and circumstantial evidence should receive particular discussion and instruction followed up by a pop quiz to assure comprehension. Therefore, we hereby call for reform of our justice system as afore mentioned.

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