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Haddix Law! Raise and Change the penalty for crimes against child/children.

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Children have no voices and cannot defend themselves against a criminal.  The penalty for criminals against children are a joke.  When a animal has more right them child, there is something wrong. They are Victim of crime.

Recently, my 8 month grandson was murdered.  The person involved with this crime will only receive a max penalty of 17 years.  Babies and toddlers cannot tell you if they are in danger.  My grandson was innocent. This person that killed my grandson did a selfish act and she knew what she was doing. 

Many children fall victims of their caretakers.  The one person or people they depend on turns on them.  The child is left hurt or dead.

As adults sometime we lack mental ability to realize children can't do adult things.  So we get mad and strike out or we just don't want to deal with them.  Help is always one phone call away.  My Grandson could have been saved if the babysitter pick up the phone and said "i cant do this today, come and get him.  My Daughter would left work to get him.  There is so many organization out their to help parents. 

I recently read of crime against a baby being thrown out of a window by a parent.  The parent received 4 months in jail.  Where is the justice  for this life.  There are million of stories just like this.  Our courts have failed our children. 

We are asking for stiffer penalties for any crime preformed on a child 13 or younger. Life sentences and/or death penalty if the child dies.  These children have the right to have justice just like a adult. With stiffer penalties people would think twice about hurting a child. Crime against children has doubled and now is the time to take a stand. No more smacks on the hands.  These children are the most precious gift that any can receive. It is our job to protect them.

I'm asking you to sign our petition so these children have justice and didn't die in vain.  Thank you!


  Denise Mulkey



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