President Trump, bring back American smoking freedom as Nigel Farage would do in the UK!

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The prohibition of indoor smoking as a popular and a free activity which should have also remained as free has recently become an international standard for every country restricting recreation to its extent being defined as free and improvised from places of entertainment and of social life with which it particularly adjusts to and is also otherwise equivalently associated.

However democratically as it may appear that this decision was made into an equivalent or respective social or collective and individual benefit it meanwhile also remains as an individual and otherwise unaffected right to equally feel free to smoke by considering one's own space and time which is censored and criticised by legislation as non-existent as those specifically concerned who are directly affected were not made part of a decision as they would to comprehensively post preventative signs in the general environment under legislative support.

However, democratic decisions do not by definition rely on a unanamous sacrifice on any of the common rights that are awarded collectively equally to be taken away under the representation of the owner as the beholder.

Equal and common rights must prevail to the contrary all laws by whom they must be guaranteed and protected instead of legislatively being defined within themselves and smoking being constituted into a right under no other justification is defined by a punishable event under a democratic rule and constitution.

It remains an unfortunate but contemporary event whereby integral persecution even policing of society are maintained or encouraged by smoking bans over what no one deserve to be held accountable via imposition of direct expectations and an immediate standard of all citizens confronting legislation so hold no essence of priority as opposed to equivalent yet significant but substantial and existing concerns.

Obviously smoking is expectedly abandoned wherever there is an immediately related reason or other direct need involved and concerned but not where possible under the same law and the right to smoke including this country can be most reasonably restricted by certain rules and even more so be respected by all other laws.

Under a similar perspective we propose or even recommend to President Donald Trump as being close companion to leader and campaigner Nigel Farage who supports the same for his country and in broader terms to bring back smoking freedom to the United States at a reasonable extent for everyone so owners of public places of congregation such as restaurants or bars and cafés will be capable of deciding on and be declining of adaptable house rules that apply to their property without in a similar way additionally be defining smoking as a punishable event.