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Petition Calling for the Decommissioning of the FDA

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The FDA has been infiltrated by special interests and no longer represents the interests of the citizens of the USA. Lawsuits and actions arising out of special interests are prominent. A covert war on holistic medication and holistic doctors is amassing. In the age of marijuana legalization, these unapproved natural solutions; having no history of death, minute side effects, with upsides of cures to cancer and more are being blocked at the border, manufacturing and distribution companies are being shut down and fear mongering has taken over.

The people want a new government but with the current political parties in power corruption continues to prevail. Politicians and the FDA are getting fat from special interest money. In turn their corruption is promoting a special agenda of the peoples’ enemy with the support and promotion of the FDA. Our election results are showing the peoples need for alternative views and accepting non-party lines to change the current system. The people are speaking and an overhaul of our political system is their words. The current administration in congress built on elitism has lost touch with the American people. We have become a number and a means to an end.  The people now serve the government and special interests. Ideological views are taking precedence and what the people want no longer matters.

Heroin use is skyrocketing and within an 11-year span, the number of people who use heroin has doubled. Even more troublesome is the fact that there is an increase of over 286% of heroin related deaths from overdose. Opiate deaths are at an all time high as to where the directive of profits take precedence and human life has become disposable. Despite the extensive regulation, alcohol and cigarette addiction is still prominent, why? Our government is fighting the people and promoting the evil that men do. It is time for a change America! We must demand that special interests take its place and our lives take precedence. Our government needs to act and the people need to take command. Let’s start today and demand the decommissioning of the FDA and the liquidation of the administration, the corruption is too deep.

Let’s fight disease together because special interests must be governed and forced to put the people first. They need to be held responsible for the evil they have done and our government needs to know that we will no longer tolerate special interest interference in our governing bodies.

We demand:

  1. Decommissioning of the FDA and the assembly of a new body by the people, for the people.
  2. Penalties for government involvement in special interests should be extreme. Officials need to be held responsible for the deaths and damage done by the FDA’s proven involvement.
  3. New laws must be developed and implemented by congress for stringent guidelines for the new replacement of the FDA
  4. Strict criminal penalties for special interest attempts at strategic attacks and implementation of influential control.
  5. A no contact rule of lobbying interests in the FDA replacement body.

Times demand action and action needs your participation. Please show your involvement and join us in the demand for the decommissioning of the FDA. Sign this petition today!


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