Petition for People's Health Care Plan

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People's Health Care Plan 

The Federal Government provides for our defense and our safety. We all collectively pay for it. Health care is defense against germs, bacteria, viruses, misfortunes, and unexpected events. The Government must provide this service.  Defense against external and internal  threats of People who are sick and in bad health makes no sense.


The Democrats gave us Obamacare which was disliked by the Republicans. Obamacare  has shortcomings but the elected officials are not prepared to work together and make it better. The Republicans want to repeal it and replace it something different.


The Republican Congress, without any participation of Democrats,  has proposed American Health Care Act that is neither liked by the Democrats and nor by many Republicans.  Also, it is not liked by the Republican Senators. The Republican Senators, in private, have developed their own plan which does not appeal to a large number of Republicans.


In short, there is a chaos.


 We, the People,  petition the Government for a health care plan that we want and deserve. We are prepared to pay for the Plan.


We petition for a  People's Health Care Plan (PHCP),  a  Healthcare plan with a single payer, the Federal Government. The PHCP is financed by taxes paid by all citizens on their GROSS  income and by all employers (small and large) on their payroll.


The PHCP has the following characteristics.


Provides health care from birth to death to all US citizens.  The enrollment is automatic at time of birth. All present citizens are its members. 
All citizens, irrespective of their position (President, Senator, Congressman, Seniors, veterans, employed, unemployed, rich, poor,  etc.)  participates in PHCP. Citizens may buy additional insurance for services not covered by PHCP (abortion, plastic surgery, organ transplant, etc.) from independent insurance companies.  
It includes medical, dental and vision care
It provides preventive care, contraceptives, and hospice.
It covers pre-existing conditions. 
It is  managed by the Federal Government.
The Federal Government is the Plan Trustee.
It is  financed by taxes on the GROSS income of all employees and on employers' payroll.  Majority of the citizens finance PHCP just as they finance  defense and security.
The trustee  maintains   PHCP funds in a separate account and spends the money on nothing but the health care services.
PHCP has co-pay for doctor visit and for  medications. The co-pay is the Federal Government minimum wage rounded  to the nearest dollar amount.
PHCP clearly defines health care limits so the participants may buy supplemental coverage, if desired, from independent medical insurers.
PHCP is run like a business; the managers act as fiduciaries. Cheaters are severely punished.
PHCP is budget neutral. It does not contribute to the deficit. Also, it  does not generate excessive funds.  Tax rates on GROSS income of all employees and on employers' payroll are periodically adjusted to maintain it budget neutral.


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