Parent's choice on Grandparent's Rights

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Courtrooms are not a good way on deciding how to raise children. I am a single mother of two beautiful children that I adore and I was just drug through court for Grandparent's rights from my ex husband's parents. They won the temporary hearing, and received one weekend a month. This was devastating to me. This one choice has affects that will not only last for a minimum of 16 more years (my daughter whom the got rights to is 2 years old) but it inhibits growth in my family and causes a lot of confusion to my children. I cannot be the only person going through this. 

I am good mom, but I am not perfect. Can you tell me one parent that is perfect? My biggest imperfection is that I have to work two jobs to support my two children. I do it for them. Going through court, I learned how people take and change things to make them seem as if you are abusive to your child. My daughter had dirty feet from playing at the park with sandals on, they took pictures of her feet and used it as leverage. Which was fully unfair considering her dad picked her up from the park from me that day. Sure I should have had tennis shoes on her, but she HATES shoes, so I let her pick her shoes out. I am obviously a bad mom for allowing her to make clothing choices for herself (yes I am that mom who lets her child wear a fair costume to the grocery store if that is what she chooses, does this make me a bad mom?) My daughter also has an extreme case of eczema, especially when weather changes. They used that against me. Sometimes it takes MONTHS to find the right combination of creams. Again something used to make me look as if I am a bad mom.  The point of all this is Grandparent's Rights cases ALWAYS is a case of if the parent is a good parent or not. This cause devastating emotional and mental abuse. Here you are fighting for your child and constantly told you are a bad parent.

This takes away your basic rights as a parent. As a parent your goal should be to raise productive members of society, though I would say my goal is to raise polite and kind productive members of society. As a parent your job is to protect, nurture, and provide for these little humans that are too small to do it for themselves. You are to make decisions for them that you believe is best for them, this include where they go, when they go, whom they are around, and what they are around. This also includes what pictures are taken and what is posted to social media. By giving someone Grandparent's Rights it strips those basic rights as a parent to protect their hearts, their mind and their privacy. 

This creates confusion and disorder in a family. It is hard enough to grow up with divorced parents. You have to learn two sets of rules and procedures for two households. Now you are throwing in a third home. This creates a massive amount of confusion. The child does not know what is acceptable where. They also do not understand why some things are okay at one place and not at others. How is it fair to the child to do this?

This takes away parents freedom. I am 24 years old. I have a life ahead of me and now this is prevented because I have to be in the state for weekend visitation. This can, and will prevent me from creating a better life for my children if I came across a better job in another place. This takes away my freedom of decisions when it comes to my family and it's structure. This takes away my freedom of teaching my daughter what I would like her to know. It takes away my freedom of protecting my daughter from things she should not know, see, or be exposed to. I am not the only one who has gone or will go through this. 

It is a selfish cause. By doing this it shows entitlement and that you can demand something and be rewarded in court by being selfish. It never puts the child first. Never. It puts the feelings of the grandparent's first, and frankly I am more worried about my child.

What can we do? Grandparent's rights has been an odd thing for the State of Georgia. Sometimes it is complete out and grandparent's have no rights, sometimes it's in and they have many rights. Grandparent's should have no rights unless both parents are PROVEN unfit by the court of law. That solves all issues right there. As it is right now it, grandparent's get rights in the grey area. They have to prove that they provided and cared for the child. What is shocking is that the providing they do can be at there home where the child has not been at in a year or longer. Like I said in court just because you bought diapers and a bed for your home for my child does not mean that your provided for her, especially if she has not been there in over a year. 

Please sign this petition and help me protect our children from the reality of the grey area.

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