Palestine: The Right to be Recognized, The Right to Return

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The demand for a cease-fire onto innocent protesters in Gaza and the West Bank of Palestine.

The demand an investigation on the treatment of Palestinian Refugees.

We the international community demand that world leaders take immediate action to order, action and to stop the unlawful killings and action to injure protesters in Gaza and the West Bank.

Under international law, citizens have the right to peacefully protest within their own country, cities and street or area.

We know that there are human rights and freedoms that protect these citizens to do so without being fired upon with military force.

In the case of Gaza, Palestine at the moment there are several whom have been killed and thousands injured including women and children.

In the West Bank & Gaza, Palestine there have been many illegal violations by the Israeli Military using out of date tear gas and improper rubber bullet fire aimed to lethal parts of the body to cause lethal death or injury to unarmed protesters.

In the West Bank & Gaza, Palestine there have been provoked actions by the Israeli Military and or Israeli settlers to cause violent actions to protest of Palestinians who by law have the right to protest.

In the West Bank and Gaza, there have been overexposed to protesters of tear gas.

In the West Bank and Gaza, there has in fact been death and injuries due to the live bullets fired by Israeli Military onto unarmed and peaceful protesters.

Where are our leaders?

Where are our the UN council that the world looks to in situations of Human Rights Violations as the world is seeing being acted out clearly for us the international community to see?

We demand that each Government Leader & Official and Representatives of the UN take action to stop the crisis and abuse that his happening to the Citizens of Palestine now.

Citizens are not at fault for conflict within Government to Government and the rights and laws that have been set are for our well being.

We demand that the United States Government stop their power of veto onto Palestine with a bias vote to what they know are wrongful and illegal actions by the Israeli Government and their military onto citizens of Palestine.

We demand our petition be accepted directly as a voice of us the people (Citizens) of the international community and a solution be brought within a rapid time for the safety of the Palestinian people.

We demand that all government leaders and their representatives be held accountable for all violations that break international law as lives have been stolen from innocent people for simply exercising their right to protest.

We submit our signed petition and on International level of the people who have signed.

This petition is directed to all Government Leaders and their representatives and the UN Security Council and Human Rights and ILO.

With this petition, we will also be submitting our evidence of the International Law Violations onto protesters that have been happening with both the West Bank and Gaza against peaceful and unarmed protesters.

Palestinian Refugees

We the international community are aware of the cuts to help Palestinian refugees abroad.

We know that in many cases Palestinians are under crisis and abuse in some countries they are forced to refugee within.

We know that Palestinians who are refugees aboard are being forced and denied the right to travel freely out of the countries they do not plan to live in.

We know that Palestinians are not being given the right to achieve their wish to education within the education system in which countries they are holding refugee status in.

We know that Palestinians are not being given proper aid from the UN funding to help sustain a proper income to help with housing, food, clothing, water or medical needs.

We know that many Palestinians are being subject to discrimination and wrongfully treated and targeted as less than human in some countries, We ask for rapid change for the Palestinian people in all the above matters.

We ask for your direct attention and action in this matter.


We the people of the International Community

International Youth Project Human Rights Observers

(This Petition will be followed up and submitted to the proper Governments and UN after our signed goal is met)