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Only Biodegradable Plastic

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There is a new law in Hawaii stating that stores should no longer give out plastic bags, but the thing is they do. Stores add more plastic to the bags and call it "Reusable" even though you can use up to six times at the most. I know that plastic bags are important to everyday life. Like trash bags or a quick bag to put your cans in. But I think there is a better way. I did research and there is a thing called biodegradable plastic. So instead of companies using regular plastic to make stuff like bags and bottles why not use something that will not harm the environment. That's where biodegradable plastics come in. If you don't know what biodegradable means it means that it can break up and turn into nutrients. Plastic does not do that, it turns into a thing called microplastics which can harm the environment. That is why I am trying to get not just Hawaii or California or any other place to use it. I hope that the whole U.S will start. (The U.S is a good place to start with after all.)

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