Urging the President to give Ultimatum to the ISIS in Afghanistan

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Mike Ghouse
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The Sikh place of worship in Afghanistan was attacked by the ISIS gang of murderers, leaving 25 law-abiding Sikh Citizens dead. The Sikh community, on the other hand, is at the forefront of helping people regardless of their faith, ethnicity, or culture whenever a calamity strikes a society.

 We feel their apprehensions and insecurity about living in Afghanistan, their motherland, and it is our duty as fellow humans to restore trust to them so they can live freely again in pursuit of their life, liberty, and happiness. 

 We urge the President of the United States of America to give an ultimatum to the ISIS, that they have thirty days to surrender and become good citizens or face the drones.

We urge the Government and the people of Afghanistan to conquer the hearts of the Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, and all other minorities, including Muslim minorities, by creating an environment of freedom and security and removing all the threats against them.

 The prosperity of a nation is directly dependent on the freedom of her people to live their lives freely. 

We also urge our fellow family members of faith communities, particularly Sikhs, not to hold it against Muslims. The entire Muslim world has condemned this ugly act.

The acts of ISIS are the acts of the people who do not get their religion right. Islam strictly prohibits killing any human unless it is in self-defense. Islam does not even permit suicide bombings. These acts are not the acts of Muslims, but terrorists. 

 We are pleased to highlight a few of the many charitable acts of Sikhs within the last three months, there are many more acts, but this is what we have available now, details are at http://worldmuslimcongress.org/muslims-condemn-the-attack-on-the-gurdwara-in-afghanistan/ 

 In the past, the Muslims had condemned identifying Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan to harass them during the Taliban take over in the early ’90s.

 The Sikh community was awarded for the exemplary model they set in dealing with the tragedy of Wisconsin – instead of anger, and they showed the way of inclusion, mercy, and prayers. Several Mayors honored five Gurdwaras in Dallas, Texas, in the 12th Annual Unity Day USA event.

 We urge fellow humans to sign the petition, and we recommend the President of the United States to take action. 

 Thank you. 

 Center for Pluralism, Washington, DC

 World Muslim Congress, Washington, DC