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Stop police officers from shooting dogs without proper cause

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Do you want your family member shot? Well neither do we! Our dogs are a major part of our family and we are tired of having them ripped out of our lives by the men and women who are suppose to be protecting us! Something needs to be done to put a stop to this senseless slaughter. My heart breaks with each story I read about an officer shooting a dog because of it's looks or size, not because of it's actions. A Labrador-Retriever (Teela) shot because her owner walked too close to a crime scene with her, an English Bull Terrier (all 20 lbs. of terror) shot because he followed his owner out the door to talk to an officer who was writing a parking ticket, the Colorado stray that was backed into a resident's garage and shot 5 times when he tried to make a run for it, the Australian Cattle dog who was tied up in the yard of Clarksville, TN and was shot while police where looking for a 13 year old runaway, Cisco (a Blue Heeler) shot and killed because he barked at the officer who responded to the wrong house for a domestic disturbance, the Great Dane who was out to lunch with his owner and was shot while sitting down calmly, Chino and Ivy (pit bulls) who where shot because they followed their owners out in the yard, and so many more! Please stand with me and put an end to this.

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