NOW IS the time to talk about tougher gun laws; Australia did it, so can the United States

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Tougher gun laws will decrease gun violence. The proof of that lies with Australia's gun ban in 1996. Since that date there have been no mass shootings in Australia.....not one! ( This tells us it can and does work. Yes, it is harsh however children and adults dying at the hands of any gunman(s) is far harsher and completely devastating.

It is time American's should not have to live in fear that they may be gunned down at the hands of some unknown assailant possibly carrying a weapon made for war. It is time parents should not have to worry each day if they will see their children after school.

In 2017, 307 people died in mass shootings. ( To date, (February 2018) 30 people have died in mass shootings. ( What must the human death toll become before it is enough for the United States government to address the gun control issue in America? When will the current administration quit allowing the NRA to insinuate what they should do? When will "thoughts and prayers" be turned into action? NOW IS THE TIME!!!

The U.S. government needs to follow Australia's gun laws success by banning certain semi-automatic, self-loading rifles, military grade weapons, shotguns and impose stricter licensing and registration requirements; Institute a mandatory buyback program for firearms banned by the law; and finally, the current President needs to undo his Executive Order rescinding President Obama's Executive Order  that  added mentally ill people to Gun check register. Further more, trump now focuses on mental illness rather than gun control. Quite ironic and hypocritical considering his rescinding the Obama Order last February (

 No child or adult should ever feel terrified that they may be killed at the hands of  gunman. Lets give ourselves the freedom of hope for a future of no mass shootings. Please sign today. Thank you.

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