No More Victims of Violence

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In this time of division, we must find things to unite over.

Every one of us--be we born or immigrated Americans, from European or African descent, male or female, young or old--lives day to day with the threat of becoming victims of violence. Some criminals use firearms, some use knives, some use trucks: clearly there is just no stopping some people when they get a mind to harm others.

To help solve the problem, some would suggest eliminating immigrants, others would suggest banning firearms, but it's clear that we can't legislate the problem away. So what else can we do? 

I propose empowering would-be victims. 

It is a fact that when someone is harming/killing others on a mass scale, what stops the violence in nearly every situation is other men/women showing up with the training and equipment to end the carnage. Unfortunately, in the minutes it typically takes for first responders to show up, more people become victims. To save lives, we need trained and equipped people peppered across the land, in schools, theaters, bike paths, etc.

Let's demand our government create a national program that trains and equips select volunteers (citizen sentinels, if you will) to serve as a new first responder corps. Their task would be simple: live your life, but be prepared each day to step up and engage anyone who makes clear their intent to harm or kill masses of other people.

Even if you personally would not care to bear such a responsibility, I urge you to sign and share, with the hope that it may create a way by which I and those like me could be better empowered to step up in defense of others if ever the need should arise. 


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