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No matter which parent is missing from the home, the parent there is enough.

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My name is Amy Peterson and I am Gracie's mom. We are a family of two. Her father is not in the picture and that was his choice. Recently I was turned away from a father-daughter dance because I was not a "father or father figure", but I beg to differ. I am both and I am enough! My goal is to stop schools from excluding any child or parent from school events. We are in 2017, where there are transgender members of family, same sex marriages and families. There have been a lot of changes over the last 30 years and its time we all start to realize that. I think its wonderful that there are children with 2 parent homes regardless of sex. However, there are a lot of home with just 1 and to that child that is enough, because that is their reality.  Missing a dance or anything for that matter to a child of a single parent is not a "life lesson" a life lesson is trying out for the basketball team and not making the team. The lesson there is your practice more and work harder. A child from a single parent home cannot learn a life lesson,  that is already a reality to them that mommy or daddy isn't there, that they some how are different from all the other kids. Well I'm saying no child needs to feel that way ever in their precious lives. They need to feel included,  they need to feel like they matter too. Please help me make this stand for these kids. Let them know they are special and they deserve the same treatment! 

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