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No Fly-Zone for Afrin (Northern Syria, Rojava)

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We the undersigned call on the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and United Nations to adopt this resolution to protect the civilians of Afrin from Turkish attacks.

Whereas, intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population or individual civilians not taking direct part in hostilities and intentionally directing attacks against civilian infrastructure are breaches of international law;

Whereas, as part of ‘Operation Olive Branch’, Turkish military forces have targeted civilian towns and infrastructure in Afrin city and other areas in the northern and western countryside of Afrin, leading to over 100 civilian casualties in the first thirteen days of the operation, and displacing over 5000 people;

Whereas, Turkish state media has indicated that Turkey’s “Operation Olive Branch” explicitly targets the civilian population of Afrin;

Whereas, the jihadist groups like HTS and Al-Nusra with which Turkey collaborates in Afrin pose a threat to the safety of religious and ethnic minorities in Northern Syria and to the secular and pluralistic society created there;

Whereas, Turkey’s persecution of its own Kurdish population and statements regarding potential population transfers suggest the possibility of ethnic cleansing and other crimes against civilians if the invasion continues; and

 Whereas, the Turkish F-16s used to shell Afrin were purchased from the United States, be it 

Resolved, that it is the sense of the House of Representatives and the Senate that-

1)    The United States and United Nations will condemn Turkish military actions in Afrin;

2)    The United States will stop all weapons sales to Turkey until Turkey stops the illegal targeting of civilians;

3)    The United States and United Nations will sanction individuals responsible for and participant in Operation Olive Branch;

4)    The United States will provide the Afrin SDF with the military equipment it needs to defend itself from Turkish air strikes and ground invasion attempts; and

5)    The United States will work with all other states who are willing to set up and maintain a no-fly zone in Afrin to protect civilians.

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