Mandatory Yearly Psychological Evaluations on ALL ARMED OFFICERS

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Something has to be done about the epidemic of police brutality that plagues our once great nation.

There has been too many unjustified and deadly “accidents” on the part of our law enforcement officers that could have been prevented with simple measures such as regular psychological evaluations.

As it stands, the only mandatory psych evals done on officers are pre-employment. Follow-ups only happen once it’s too late and an unjustified shooting has already occurred.

This petition is aimed at creating mandatory yearly psych evals throughout an armed officer’s career. As well as providing counseling sessions between evals.

It is the mental health deterioration that comes with the officer’s job that puts themselves and others at risk. This does not include their home life which can be just as mentally shaking/shattering.

Those who sign this petition agree: psychological evaluations should be made mandatory ONCE A YEAR for ALL ARMED OFFICERS.

Just as well, we ask to provide these officers with once a month to bi-monthly counseling sessions as a “check-in” on the mental health of the individual.

We as the American people are done with police brutality. With the senseless murders committed by those who were originally hired to PROTECT AND SERVE. We do NOT feel protected. And our voices are anything but heard and served.

If at any point in time an officer’s mental health declines, we ask that any possessed weapons be removed until a healthier mindset is attained. During this time of being unarmed, we ask the officer keeps their employment, but takes on less strenuous tasks.

This is our voice, this is our country, and we are tired of the over abundance of “bad” cops. With these demands met, we believe the number of incidents will decrease. And that the morale of the entire country may begin the heal.