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Mandatory microchip scanning of pets DEAD OR ALIVE at all pet organizations and facilities

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Hello im starting this petition because i recently found out that mandatory microchipping for pets is required where i live and varys from state to state..however mandatory microchip scanning of pets dead or not..something i do in a way of giving back to the community is because i am disabled and i dont work...i give back by volunteering my time to search lost and found ads online and try to help match and reunite lost ad with found ads.i dont do it for a reward i do it to help..the biggest reward is knowing somebodys pet is back home where it belongs because of me...however in doing this ive found alot of pets are chipped but info wasnt updated or never activated etc....but most animals are not chipped and they are alot harder to track down.. But i recently found out that scanning for a microchip on every animal dead or alive That comes into any animal organization or facility is not mandatory.. So a dog loved and taken Care of by its owners could be microchipped and get stolen/ go missing and get picked up by an animal control officer...and its then upto the shelter to scan or not.. mandatory microchip scanning of all pets when taken to a veterinarian office, groomer, kennel or any other animal service business/entity/facility should be required.. So many pets are recovered because of microchipping but its not Fair to the owners of the dogs that arent even scanned for the chance to be recovered ...alot of people think because their dog is chipped they are safe ...but a supervisor for a very well known microchip company told me himself shelters are not required to scan every dog that comes in...the only way animals are found through their chip is if its scanned and the chip company is contacted..and alot of people dont know to search nationwide for their pets..they dont realize a lost pet could end up 100 miles away or in another state why would they check other states if the pets chipped then they feel safe that theyll get a call soon as its picked up...however if mandatory scanning isnt required then a microchipped pet loved and missed could be picked up...and never reported to the chip company.. I feel that is the same as stealing...somebody has lost their pet and. The shelters by not being required to scan...are in possesion of missing/stolen property and also are aiding in the missing/stolen property being transferred  to other people/facilities sometimes even out of not scanning a pet that comes in...theyre not taking necessary steps to assist the animal in attempting to locate the owner.. the animals only hope from there is if somebody recognizes the animal and informs the owner or that the animal gets adopted to a new owner.which if said animal ever gets out again and gets scanned ...the old owner gets contacted and new owner never sees their dog is this fair to either party? When it could all be avoided with mandatory microchip scanning at all animal organizations and facilities. This would also assist in stopping pet theft. If all pet facilities. I.E..vets,shelters,rescues,groomers,pet stores ,etc...were required by law to scan for a microchip on any animal entering its facility and verify owner name and chip information match..ifvthey dont then said facility should be required to confiscate said pet till or contact animal control untill owner verification is made... I believe this could curb pet theft or people from finding strays and keeping for themselves .why pay for microchipping of our pets if shelters and associated animal facilities are not required  to scan every animal that comes in.. .. It should be a reqirement...all shelter and rescue organizations should be mandated to scan every animal that enters their facility...DEAD OR ALIVE..if it gets a number.(which an animal control officer told me ..that all animals that enter into the facility DEAD OR ALIVE. Gets an animal ID number to identify it in their system).. Then it should first be scanned for an owner...REMEMBER EVERY PET REUNITED IS ANOTHER PETS DEATH SENTENCE EXTENDED...please help give all pets a fair chance to get back home

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