Make Schools Safe NOW!!

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This petition is not about arguing over gun control. This is a common sense immediate way of protecting students, teachers and staff from future school massacres. They have a right to feel safe in their learning environment. No child should have to experience such a horrible tragedy.. losing friends and family, seeing the carnage left behind and never being able to overcome such a nightmare. No parents should have to bury their children!

We need action now!  Arming teachers and janitors is not safe or fair to them to take on such a dangerous responsibility! There are so many of our retired Veterans as well as current military staff who will gladly be willing to keep our schools safe. They are trained, dedicated and won’t run away from the threat. It will take way more money and time to train regular citizens. Can we spare any more time?  Our children are in danger every day!!

 We have armed guards protecting money in armored vehicles. Money can be replaced. Human lives can’t. We can not put a price on the lives of students and teachers. 

Action must be taken immediately!!   No one knows when these tragedies may happen again. We must be prepared!

It’s not a permanent solution but with this being a National Tragedy, our country’s children deserve to be protected by the same people that keep all of us safe from terrorism. This is Homeland Terrorism targeting innocent children and teachers and it has to stop now!

No matter what your political views are, this is a decision we must unite on. Our children’s safety depends on us. Please support this petition so they can feel at ease again!

Thank you!



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