Make Hate Crimes Against Immigrants Actually Illegal

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I have been doing research for a class project and what I found was shocking. I found out that although vaguely brushed over in the Federalally Protected Groups of Hate Crimes, immigrants are not truly protected.

Immigrants are discriminated against every day and most are not reported because they are not protected and they don't want to call attention to themselves even if they are legal.  

I believe that this is wrong and everyone should have the opportunity to be able tell law enforcement about what's going on and if criminal activity has been going on. This is not happening in America. 

By making these hate crimes illegal and giving the people who report the crime protection after the report it, it will make people more comfortable and more willing to tell the police and other authorities that they are being abused and discriminated against.  

It will also give insight to people who don’t know about all the hate crimes that immigrants endure. Many people brush under the rug that they are mistreated and say that they aren’t a main target for abuse. They are. With this law, many more people will report and we will have the information to back that immigrants need more protection than what they are getting. 

No one in America deserves to be mistreated no matter what country they were born in. 

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