Lower This Veterans Prison Sentence

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Robin was one of three children born into a family facing significant challenges due to his father’s alcohol and substance abuse issues. He never saw eye to eye with his father and his father was very abusive. Robin found release through mixed martial arts and left training at his second degree black belt. When Robin turned 18 he enlisted in the Marines straight out of high school and volunteered for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan hoping to prove himself worthy.

This was a difficult time, with the loss of many comrades, witnessing extremes of brutality and devastating injuries from IEDs all while worrying that he was not living up to the expectations of the Marines code. He returned home with severe post traumatic stress disorder-PTSD (DSM-5). Robin has intrusive and disturbing memories of combat, and at times even smells and senses that he is back in Iraq. He also has nightmares of combat scenes. After discharge, Robin stopped caring about himself. From a young age, being a Marine was all he ever wanted. He was left at a loss as a civilian. He missed the camaraderie and support of the military.

Robin applied for reinstatement for active duty in the Marines on two occasions after discharge, but his application was denied. This worsened his self-esteem and made him feel worthless and hopeless. Robin had a number of highly disturbing experiences while in combat. He witnessed a 10-year-old shot by an adult insurgent 60 yards in front of him. Robin vividly can remember the look on the boy’s face just before he was killed. While on patrol one night he was also in a gun turret in a combat vehicle when the vehicle hit a hidden explosive device. The vehicle’s front end shot up in the air, to an almost vertical position, before slamming back down.

Despite all of this, he received no real help from the VA. Their idea of ¨helping¨ was throwing a bunch of veterans in a room and telling them to talk about their issues. We even paid out of pocket for him to seek therapy. Nothing worked for this lost marine.

Fast forward to now, Robin Smith is currently serving a 27 year sentence in a Federal Correction Institute for Hobbs Act Robbery. At court, the prosecution tried to persuade the judge that while he had to recommend the minimum suggested by the government, he wanted the judge to take into account that he was very remorseful and one of the most sincere inmates he had ever met. The prosecution tried to convince the judge to see the person standing in front of him not the sentence being presented. Both the prosecution and the defense really wanted the judge to see Robin for who he was and offer a lower sentence.

While he should serve time for his crime, the minimum amounts and standards for his crime are way too high. Please help us get this petition out there. Please grant Robin a lower sentence so he can have a second chance at life. Prove to Robin he served a country that will not continue to turn their back on him. Being in prison is a hostile environment that will not be productive to healing his PTSD. 

Robin spends his days working out, drawing, and writing his devotionals and books. He wants every inmate to see they can come from any walk of life, make any number of mistakes, and change themselves and make a difference in this world. Help this Marine get his life back. He has three children waiting for his return home. Let´s stop turning our backs on the men and women who fought for this country. Per the prosecution´s team, had Robin received helped when he returned from war, his life would not have turned out this way. It´s time America took a stand for their returning soldiers. Not all injuries are external. Just because you cannot see them, does not mean they are not there.

Robin is a hero who made some mistakes in his time of great need. Please sign this petition for a lower sentence for this forgotten Marine.

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