Love & Marriage

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To Whom It May Concern:

Hello my name is Sherri Daniel and I have a problem that concerns the Marriage Penalty Law. I am engaged to a very wonderful man and his name is Bill Adams. We have been engaged since March 15th, 2014, and we both want to get married but we can't because of the Marriage Penalty Law. Bill and I both have physical disabilities and rely on government funding to help with our daily living. The Government says that since we are disabled and rely on government aid we can only live on one income if and when we do decide to get married. People that we have talked to and contacted says that this law is unfair and is against our rights to marry the one that we love. The law was changed that let the same sex couples  marry their partner without remorse from the government. So why can't the disabled community, people on SS/SSI and people on SSDI get the same rights as the same sex couples 1have????? Also there is a movie coming out at the end of this year called "Loving" and it is a true story based on a white man falling in love with a black woman and getting married. The movie is about the two people who are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives as Husband and Wife just like Bill and I. The Loving's movie is based in the the 1967 and the couple did get married but the court system said that they couldn't be married and they both was sent to jail. Then they took their case to the Supreme Court and won their case to stay married and live in their home state Virginia

So why can't Bill and I have the same rights ?? is Please write letters to your Governors, Legislators, Representatives and the President of the United States and ask them to abolish this law and take it out of the legal system.

Thank you for your time;

Sherri Daniel & Bill Adams