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Too often rich well dressed highly polished people make choices that effect our lives, with no real knowledge about what we go through daily.

Letter to
The President of the United States President of the United States
Listen to the Veterans, Disabled, and the Americans in real Need.

Hello, my name is Angelo Stevens. I am a retired US Army Soldier who served proudly, and honorable. I am writing today to express myself, my feelings, and the direction of this country. I also understand If I were to ever get the nerve to send this letter, it most likely would never be read by you unless someone on your staff were to suggest you read it.

I was medically retired with 80% disability from the US Army. I will not survive on my income, so I must work, however my body is limited as to how hard and how much I can endure. I am not as strong physically as I once was. Add to the fact I have 2 disabled children, which require a parent to be home at all times, I must now also survive on one income.
You won re-election, first congratulations. Now you have important work to do. I am asking that you begin to look at your cabinet, your workers, the people that advise you, look at their income levels, their way of living and ask yourself this, what can someone who makes only 25k a year tell you? How would they advise you? How would a parent of a disabled child advise you that would be different than that of a parent with no disabled children?

How would a disabled Veteran advise you that a healthy active duty member would do differently? What do Veterans really need? Why are suicide rates still high in the military? Why is the pay scale so huge between officers and enlisted for similar times in service or for those 1SG’s with 18 years compared to Captains with 7 years? Why we are not paid based on experience versus time alone?

Why are we letting good Soldiers go that can still positively impact the US as Admins or Staffers?

I am scared and sad, I believe my family will suffer unless something changes, and that Mr. President starts with you, and how your choices are impacted by those you have informing you.
I still want to say the Pledge of Allegiance in School, I understand fully this may offend people, that is why they have a right to step outside when its being said, why must we sacrifice our ideals and our beliefs because it may or may not offend people? Why must we offend ourselves to prevent offending others?
Why are ADA laws still being violated by schools and companies alike? Even with as outlined and direct that the ADA is, may disabled persons still feel violated by the uninformed, and this usually includes the police as well, who do not seem to understand all the laws they are charged to protect and defend.
Mr. Axelrod, whose child suffers from Epilepsy, is someone I aspire to be like, we often see the White House change colors for various events like Breast Cancer Awareness, yet nothing for Epilepsy Awareness, which kills 50% more people than Breast Cancer, and I want to see the White House Purple for Epilepsy Awareness month.
I am one of your typical struggling American Families, I need Help, I need a voice, I need someone that works with you that UNDERSTANDS me because they live like me, none of us will ever trust or believe anyone understands our needs, our pleas, our wants unless they live like us. Mitt Romney Lost the election not simply because you were a better choice, but because he clearly had no clue not one clue what it was like to have to live day to day, to choose between food, and gas, or phone or medicine, tough choices each day that these brave families have to make.
Life is hard Mr. President, nothing comes easy, nor should it, but we clearly need a voice in your ear that can help you to navigate our needs, our desires and hopes, and while you begin to endure the road for your next term, I implore you create a group that is from our class, the poor, the middle class, the single parent, the one income family, to help you mold and create programs that WOULD directly effect and impact our way of life.

My Sons and Daughters Birthdays approach in Late Nov and Early Dec, I have no money to give those gifts, instead I used that to pay rent, utilities, food, and cover whatever my medical does not cover. This should never be, we should never have to choose what to pay, it should just be a task, something we do every day, something we do not struggle with, but are able to do, with knowledge we still have something for Birthdays, or a fun activity once in a while.

I do not use drugs, I do not Drink, I am fairly intelligent, and however I find it hard to get or acquire a job that pays what I need to enable me to be able to provide those safe guards for me.
Mr. President, I beg, plead and Implore that you feel the emotion in this letter, that you listen to us, allow us to have a more real concrete voice to you, to congress, to senate, allow us to represent ourselves, for no one can explain better what we need than those living that need daily.
I understand and see states wanting to leave the Union, instead of that I would rather be allowed to present ideas and changes, propose fixes to the problem, I will not run and hide, I will not take my ball and go home, instead I will work with you and offer compromise, present solutions to the issues, anyone wishing to run and hide, to leave the Union, those are adding to the problem and not worth the breath it would take to explain the stupidity behind it.

I want to help this country not leave it, and while I may not be able to serve as a Soldier anymore, I can still be its warrior, its defender, its voice of reason, and that starts with you, listening to those voices, the ones presenting solutions and ideas, which IS out of the box. I do not have degrees to tell you I am good at what I do, but we have life experience of living a hard difficult uphill battle journey, more than can ever be taught in a book, or while wearing 5000 suits, or being driven around, or living on salary’s I can only hope to have one day. I like the many families like us, live in pain, live in fear, live in hopelessness. We are richer than most for we have the love of a caring family, that survives daily on love, commitment, discipline, honor, respect, caring and hope. Let us teach that to the White House, let us share the experiences we have to help develop more adequate programs to help us.

Thank you for taking the time- Signed Retired US Army SGT Stevens Angelo J

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me, for what its worth. I want my Country to be great, I want everyone to have a fair chance, I want people to understand what we need and that requires people like us to have a voice, and a chance to present our needs.

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