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Keep Illegal Immigrants Here and Working

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I just mailed the letter directly to the president this morning. I came up with an idea for a new law called the IIPA, which stands for the Illegal Immigrant Pathways Act. The details of the law include ways to supplement the US industry by having reduced wages to make it more affordable to manufacture US goods. The reduced wages are in exchange for a 10 year pathways program that allows illegal immigrants to stay and work for reduced rates to earn citizenship. This would make manufacturers of goods that are paying equivalents outside of the United States to keep the jobs here, or bring them back. This would be available to the 13 million or so illegal immigrants that are here, NOT committing crimes, to earn the right to stay. Along with this law would also be minimum wages set outside of the Federal Minimum wage. It would be the FIIMW (Federal Illegal Immigrant Minimum Wage). Since the reduction in pay, the price to produce US goods would decrease. As the illegal immigrant continues to stay with the company, benefits include health insurance, language courses, and tuition reimbursement or scholarships for education. After each subsequent year, the wage increases. People have asked me how they can afford to live at the lower wages? I thought that a Federal Immigrant Housing Subsidy through the FHA would help offset that number. Just as people who don’t work at all in our country get to live in Section 8 housing based on their income, it would apply to these same standards to immigrants based on their enrollment in the pathways program. Once all illegal immigrants are registered for the pathways program, they no longer are considered an illegal, thus granting them and US born family to stay. Once the program has been deemed a success, it would become the IPA or the Immigrant Pathways Act and act as an expedited pathway to becoming a productive member of our US society. People would flood to the US to live the US dream, be guaranteed a job, and the manufacturing industry will become the greatest in the world.

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