Jerry Sandusky's best friend, Tom Corbett, fabricates sex and drug stings as scapegoat!

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The corrupt Pennsylvania Courts keep evading the issue of how Corbett fabricated phony sex and drug stings as a scapegoat to protect the former-governor from scrutiny and to make him look like a good gubernatorial candidate. The appeal is now pending in the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals. And because the Third Circuit is controlled by organized crime, there is no justice in holding Corbett responsible for vindictively motivated malicious prosecutions. Corbett is backed by the Koch Brothers who openly funded his election. His son-in-law is likewise a criminal. See

No one seems to care what sort of malfeasance he has committed because the BAR monopoly is protecting him and his cohorts. The Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General fabricated propaganda to fool the public, Hollywood style. They put kilos of cocaine on a table and claimed that it was meth seized in a huge Outlaws motorcycle bust. Corbett grandstanded on TV with huge billboards of supposed pedophiles he busted, people who ironically were told that they were chatting with adults, not minors on fake To Catch A Predator stings. This is to cover up what is very likely more than guilt by association with his best friend Jerry Sandusky.

The people are being manipulated by the elite running the govt. through puppets like Tom Corbett.