Jackie Robinson deserves a statue

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   Jackie Robinson deserves a statue because he changed the black community in Major League Baseball. Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player to go pro, he changed the Black community in 1947, he blocked out all the negativity and racism and became the greatest of all time in baseball in 1950. This shows that Jackie Robinson is an inspiration in my eyes and many others. Overall, Jackie Robinson should be remembered for their work and struggle to help their community.   

    Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to go pro in a white man's sport. In 1947 Jackie Robinson became the 1st basemen for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackie was always good at the sport since he was little and eventually he became great through practice and hard work. But Jackie was such a natural that he became great after Brooklyn had already drafted him to there team. His career lasted from 1947-1956. This shows to never give up, break under pressure, and always try harder.  Overall, Jackie Robinson shocked the nation when he hit that filed.

       Jackie Robinson was  a hero for the Black community in the worst time to be Black. He changed the Black community in many ways and for many people. He gave them hope by making it pro on the Brooklyn Dodgers, and eventually he changed everyone's mind about being a Black ball player. He was only the first one so other team managers starter to realize that, and that more would be coming. With a lot of talent and they wanted to play baseball. My analysis is that the White men knew Black men were just as good as them and some were even better. In conclusion, Jackie Robinson gave so many people hope in 1947.

       It wasn't easy for Jackie Robinson because racism was still alive and it was worse than ever. People called and told him things you couldn't imagine. They threatened to kill his son and kidnap his wife if he didn't quit baseball but did that stop him. No, he still played for the Brooklyn Dodgers as there 1st basemen #42. He got around 500-1000 letters full of racial slurs and threats of all kinds, and he still didn't quit. He gave those letters to the FBI and just continued  play baseball. This is important because his wife and son needed him to continue to play because they were not rich , and his wife would go to almost every game he had to give him support. Overall, Jackie Robinson did not get a free pass he really had to work to get how far he got.

   In conclusion, Jackie Robinson deserves a statue because hemade a huge impact on the world in 1947. He changed this world in many ways, he made it to the big leagues as an African-American and made it ok to play a White man's sport. He set the stage for many Black and White kids in his community, they wanted to be him. Most little White boys would put dirt in their hands and act like they where a Black man named Jackie Robinson.



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