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Investigations needs to be done in wilburton oklahoma latimer county jail

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Hello I'm Justin Adcock.
I'm Kenneth Adcocks brother. Kenneth Adcock father, brother role model is setting in latimer county jail in wilburton oklahoma and has been for 2 years straight..
His charges started off being a destruction of property, to a first degree rape, and now to sexual assault.. he's innocent everyone knows it . his ex wife Brittney adcock(sennett) told Kenneth Adcock if he ever divorced her, shed make his life a living h*'ll (there's about 20 witnesses that has heard her say it)
A week later after Kenneth Adcock signed divorced pappers his life got flipped completely around. Hes not guilty what so ever .. Brittney adcock(sennett) use to be a cop in wilburton oklahoma and word has it shes family with the d.a, judge, and court clerks people. he's asked me to get social media involved so I'm giving it a shot also not to mention there's been plenty of times he's tried going to hospital due of being sick and or in extreme pain and they told him no also he's suppose to be in just protective custody due to what there trying to charge him with... they put him in General population from once to three times a month ( it's like there trying to get him hurt) also him being in jail for two years fighting a case going to court once a month youd think theyd give him or try anyways a ple bargin.. also when this very first happened we bailed him out of jail his bond was $50,000 we paid $5,000 to get him out six hours later, the county issued a warrant for his arrest saying he knew he was suppose to have an ankle monitor, even tho the jailer told bailbonds he didn't.. Kenneth Adcocks lawyer also contacted him and told Kenneth he was dropping him all of a sudden (The same day we had paid the rest of the $7,000 we owed his lawyers (breckon wagnon) and (Blake lynch) )
My brother goes and turns his self in two months later after we came up with the money to get him another lawyer Steve money out of muskogee ok then the court sets his bond at $750,000 And won't lower it what so ever says he's a flight risk..
Also not to mention every time my brother has a headache or toothache he asks for a Tylenol or something to help it go away they go to a first aid kit take a pill out and charge him $1.00 if you don't have $1.00 on your books they won't give you one..
Everyone calls him chomos in there like the workers and inmates and nothing's done my brother is innocent and we need your help to get eye balls on this case ..

Also the jail he's in floods all the time also has mold everywhere my brother is sick at least 3 times a month ..

And also the judge told us if he's innocent to hire a expert examiner . Which is $7,000 so we asked state to pay the denied said we could offered one when we can't ..

We need yall to interview him, and his family an friends and lawyer and wilburton this is a big deal please we need a petition started to free Kenneth Adcock and to get an expert examiner also osbi to investigate the jail 

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