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Investigate DHS and our Family Courts

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Everyday hundreds of children are taken away from their families and placed into the system . 9 times out of 10 it is due to false allegations. People use the system to harass others and to simply make their lives hell. Social workers make their reports and continuously lie in order to achieve what they think is best for the child. The judges in our Family court systems don't make judgements on evidence but instead listen to the lies of the social workers and act and make judgement based on personal feelings. The judges nor the social workers follow any sort of laws nor constitutional rights. Every single hearing there is a constitutional right violated.

The number of appeals to the supreme court has reach an all time high ! This makes the wait to get to the supreme court extremely long. Each passing day that your without your child feels like eternity .

Our children are being placed in foster times and group homes only to be abused and neglected or killed !!!  These are our are innocent children and the future of America.

These agencies do not care about our children. They do not followup with these children or even show up to talk to them when the child is requesting to speak with them because something is wrong.

They remove children from their homes in order to get the government funding that is provided. $3000-$4000 for every child placed out of their home and $79000 a year per child to place them in foster care.

The federal government needs to launch an investigation into the fraud and corruption of Child Protective Services in every single state!!!!

Our children deserve a future. And we deserve our children .

Please stop this corruption by cutting down the funding that is given to them to destroy lives.

Please get these judges off the benches that have had complaints of being corrupt!

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