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Investigate and repair any damage done by chemical weapons in Fallujah

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As a result of the use of advanced weaponry (perhaps including depleted uranium) in Fallujah during the Iraq War in 2004, the city has likely become highly contaminated, resulting in severe birth defects for babies and children there. According to Dr. Samira Alani, there have been up to 700 documented cases, some of which are so hideous that he has stated there aren't even medical terms to classify them. Among the most disturbing facts:

-Many babies born in Fallujah die within 20 or 30 minutes

-Some of the side effects include cleft palates, elongated heads, dislocated eyes, overgrown ears, short limbs, and cancerous growths on their bodies.

-One child in particular, Abdul Jaleel Mohammed, has dilation of two heart ventricles, a growth on his back that can't be removed, could suffer fatal fluid build-up in his brain

And even worse, the environment is likely thoroughly contaminated, with the air, soil, and water infected by the use of chemical weapons by the United States. Despite the prevalence of birth defects and cancers, however, the doctors and officials who fight to raise awareness of this situation haven't received nearly enough help or attention from the international community. Thus, we who sign this petition urge officials in the United States, United Nations, and elsewhere to investigate the likelihood of contamination in Fallujah and lead a concerted effort to help rebuild it and clean up any damages. Innocent lives are at stake, and we pledge to raise awareness until we right this hideous wrong.

Marshall Garvey


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