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Child Protective Services all over the world are kidnapping children illegally via the legal system. They remove children from happy and healthy homes for little to no reasons at all, devastating children and parents. They get involved in the lives of families that clearly don't need CPS intervention, then force the parents to go through some HORSE AND PONY show, promising that will get them their children back. All the while, the CASE PLAN they create for the families are ridiculous and inpractical. They expect parents to jump through hoops, that sometimes require such attention, that they are forced to quit their jobs because they are so time consuming. Now how is that beneficial to families? Cut off their income, and how can they be expected to take care of their children's needs? The families will even jump through their rediculous hoops just to never get their children back. CPS doesn't care, as they do not have the best interest of our children in mind. They have their own interests in mind. Every child that gets adopted out, is worth alot of money to the state and they are out to get it in any way they can. CPS has become so corrupt, that when a Georgia senator found out about such corruption, she tried to bring it to the light, and lost her senate seat, then was later murdered to ensure her silence when it was realized she would not back down. Does that sound like the workings of a government agency we want protecting our children? CPS needs to be held accountable for their actions and be made to follow the laws, and proper policies and procedures laid out for them. As it stands, they violate our rights all the time and ignore the laws. Most people just assume that CPS is just like the law, and can do what they want. This is bogus, but they act accordingly. Even the family court judges do whatever CPS requests in court, not acting out justice at all. Its not until they are knocking at your door, and begin to intervene in your life, that you see the corruption before your very eyes and begin to think "Surely this can't be legal!" Now you are researching the laws and find out they are breaking them, yet no one seems to help you get justice. That's because until someone of power, as well as enough of us that are tired of CPS corruption fight back, they will continue to steal our children for profit. The system is failing our children instead of helping them, therefore setting up failure for the future of the world. When you take happy, and healthy children out of good homes, putting them into scary and sometimes dangerous foster homes, those children end up mentally and physically broken. The end result is, more messed up adults than this world needs, as it could've been easily prevented by leaving them with their own parents who loved them. DOCTORS, LAWYERS, FAMILY COURT PERSONNEL, AND MANY OTHERS WILL WORK WITH CPS TO HELP WITH THE REMOVAL OF YOUR CHILDREN. NOW LET'S WORK TOGETHER TO PUT A STOP TO LEGAL KIDNAPPING. YOUR CHILDREN COULD BE NEXT. HOLD CPS ACCOUNTABLEACCOUNTABLE!! All it takes is a disgruntled neighbor, ex, family member, someone who doesn't even know you, a doctor you don't agree with, or a teacher at your child's school, to make one phone call to CPS and they WILL be knocking at your door with ill intent. There are a few good CPS workers out there that I've heard of, but 99% of them, are bad and money driven, and those odds are not in your favor. If you are doubting me, please look up CPS corruption and Let's fight for our children because they are worth it!!

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