Petition Closed
Petitioning Representative Tom Price and 10 others

Help victims of physical and sexual abuse get the care they deserve.

 The reason this is so important is because of the long term affects. Severe and repeated trauma may have enduring effects upon both neurobiological and psychological development altering stress responsively and altering adult behavior patterns. These individuals experience an increased risk of mood, anxiety and personality disorders throughout their adult life. If the victim of a crime doesn't seek psychiatric counseling they are more likely to have long term mental health problems and possibly be victimizers.

Letter to
Representative Tom Price
Georgia State Senate
State Representative Carolyn Hugley
and 8 others
Representative Paul Broun
Representative John Lewis
State Representative Stacey Abrams
State Representative David Ralston
State Representative Tonya Anderson
State Representative Kimberly Alexander
Governor Nathan Deal
President of the United States
Make a law that would provide counseling to all people of physical and sexual abuse. We the following urge you to consider this proposal to help children and adults get the help for long term therapy and skills needed to be great citizens of this country.