Help my son gain early release

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My son was arrested  at 18 on a sex offender charge.It has changed our whole family but especially  my son and myself.Sense being in prison my son has kept busy ,he now has his GED and has taken some college classes in logistics and passed with flying colors.He has changed so much.He knows what he did was wrong and is determined to not repeat his offense.I see no need in his continued  imprisonment when with proper mental help he could continue his growth in body and spirit on the outside.As for me I miss my son,I cry many a night till I fall asleep.He is my baby and was a very immature  18 yr old,who deserves a second chance.He has spent his 19,20,21 and 22nd birthdays in prison,which is heartbreaking as a mother. He was sentenced to 15yrs in a federal prison,He has been in fights because of his charges and has been hurt many times physically as well as emotionally, I am terrified he will become institutionalized sense he was imprisoned so young He never had much before and now the rest of his life is being stolen from him.I am asking he be released with time served which is almost four yrs ,no more than 10 yrs on supervised probation and no more than five yrs on the registry To do this requires a act of clemency from President  Trump because it is a federal sentence. With out his help my son will be thirty  before  he is released with most of his life behind him and the chance denied  him to be a productive member of society.