Help Trafficked Dallas Garland ISD Filipino Teachers vs Deportation

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An Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Dear Mr. President,

Good day. I know that you are quite pre-occupied with all the noises that the "Other Party" is giving you. I know that you also have the trade wars going on with China as well as the problem at our southern border.

I know that you have many other matters to attend to to make the country great. However, I am hoping that you can have someone look at this situation.

I promise I will not take a lot of your time.

There are hundreds of teachers that are in danger of being deported because the the VISA scam perpetrated by those in authority in Garland ISD here in Dallas, TX area.

Many of them were offered work visas and some are even in the process of their permanent residency until an investigation found out that the "sponsor" was operating illegally.

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Many of them had been teaching for more than a decade, shaping young and impressionable minds in the inner cities as well as the suburban areas in Dallas.

Many of whom teaches Science, Technology, Engineering and Math specializations and I believe that they will be a great loss for the community and depriving the students the education that they need in order to succeed.

Many of whom were mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. Some were now even grandparents and set down roots in the great state of Texas.

Many of whom left their lives in the Philippines to come and teach at the schools here in Texas and helping their students achieve their fullest potential.

The teachers who had spent a third their lives here in the US teaching students in inner cities and suburban areas is in jeopardy. Not only that they don't have anything to go back to, but that they also had built their lives in this great country - The United States.

As much as the teachers had these troubles, the students in their respective schools and their community loses.

They will lose great teachers who will give everything they have and spent enormous hours teaching.

They will lose great role models of hard work, humility, resilience, and industry.

They will lose upstanding citizens that make their community great, safer, and an environment where the students can be their best.

They will lose people who contribute not just in school, but also in church, in their city, in their neighborhoods, and in their community.

I hope that this will reach your desk and that you will have someone look at it.

Thank you and more power.