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Transit Workers/Bus Drivers are essential frontline employees that are transporting large groups of possibly contagious people in an enclosed space (Bus) for 8 or more hours per day.

Some Transit Workers have not been provided with the proper Protective Wear (PPE) to help protect us from infection of the Coronavirus.  

The nature of our employment as Transit Bus Drivers requires us to provide the essential duty of transporting our communities to their needed destinations which also places our lives at risk on a daily basis.  Many buses are now packed with passengers due to reduced service from other routes, which causes another impossible problem of improper Social Distancing.  The passengers are crammed on some buses one on top of the other. 

We often transport the homeless population and those that cannot afford healthcare which should be considered High Risk.   Many of the passengers that we transport may have mental illnesses and they will intentionally spit, cough or assault Bus Drivers.   Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak Bus Driver assaults were an epidemic and that has not changed.  

Many Transit Workers are dying across the country who are simply just going  to work to provide for their families.