Mass Shooting Prevention

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Autumn Wade started this petition to President of the United States and

Our nation has experienced so many mass shootings due to gun violence that we need action now. It is time to prevent and stop mass shootings. It is time to listen to the people because we are hurting.  Special sessions have been called with little to no action because no one really knows what to do. I have a huge bill that would help make a huge impact. This bill would stop making us reactive and we would start being proactive and start preventing so many mass shootings. 82% of the people that have commented mass shootings leaked comments in the days and weeks before the shooting occurred. Less than half of the people that heard the comments reported them. 

  1. Create a national hotline so that anyone that suspects someone might act upon a threat or do something harmful and commit domestic terrorism can be reported.
  2. Create a task force so that each region or county in each state will have a dedicated team that will respond to the report. The report will be investigated thoroughly. If the team does not have any reports to investigate they can assist local law enforcement with duties until they receive a report.
  3. Create 20 additional beds in mental health facilities in each region to house the people that need this support that are reported or that are checked in on their own. If a region does not have a mental health facility one will be built within one year. 
  4. Create an awareness and education program. Each state depending on the population will have advocates that will travel to schools and community centers and give presentations on things to look for, who to contact, and what to do if a mass shooting happens.
  5.  Each school in the nation will also receive 1-2 additional counselors depending on the school size that will work only with students and staff on mental health not testing or teaching.
  6. Each sheriffs office and or county will receive 1-2 counselors depending on the population that will work with first responders on dealing with trauma and work with the local population on mental health issues. 
  7. Each county will have a mentor program established. This program will reach out to at-risk youth and adults that need mental health support, relationship support, social skills support, and overall guidance in life. This will be in addition to current programs and will be run by licensed counselors. Social services will run the program and will receive additional funding and staff. 
  8. This bill will not be funded locally. It will be funded by each state to ensure that the funding is provided.
0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!