Gun Control in America.

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As many of you have heard, recently there was another school shooting this past week in Parkland, Florida. This link above is explaining this one situation and setting an example for many others on laws that were and were not passed. This marks about around 18 shootings in only the 7 weeks of 2018. To me, hearing the numbers in 2017 is enough for me to know something needs to be changed, yet nothing has been done. No matter your views on gun control in comparison to mental illness, in my opinion it is absolutely absurd a teenager can purchase and hold a riffle as easy as it was done. How many more innocent people and families have to be hurt for their to be a change? Unfortantely, our President has said nothing on improving gun control whatsoever, even after this most recent attack. We need policy and change and we need it now more than ever. Keeping things the way they are is only going to involve more shootings. Being able to write policies so children are unable to purchase a gun is what we need. Nobody should feel unsafe in the place they go everyday to learn. Please consider signing your name to hopefully take a step towards making changes to this country for the better. Thank you. 

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