Guardians Across America

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With recent events in south Florida, leaving 17 dead and more injured, and recent memories like sandy hook and several other on campus and school shootings, it is time for us to take action and insure the safety of our children as they attend schools. Veteran unemployment rate is over 5% as of 2018. Veterans are trained to protect and fend off various attacks while being armed. This is a two birds with one stone approach to address two issues.. Many Vets find themselves at a loss once leaving the military. Finding a place in the civilian world can be a hard thing. Many veterans would be proud to serve in this respect, being armed to protect the children across the nation. You would need no more than 2 per school and in some cases one will do as you centralize the access point and control the entrance to each one. An armed veteran will not only deter an active shooter, but also in the case one attempts a shooting, can save the lives of many students and teachers. I ask all my fellow Americans, to share this, sign it and help make a drastic change. Our times have changed and we need to change with it.

Semper Fi

Jeff Jane


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