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‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’ the Wu-tang Clan’s latest album, was offered only in a single copy format. Pharma bro Martin Shkreli, famous for jacking up the prices of HIV medication and smirking through an entire congressional hearing, bought this album. He has the rights to it based on the RZA’s decision to sell Wu-Tangs music in this format.
Poor fans who couldn’t afford to bid 2 million dollars, clearly deserve to hear this music. Wu-Tang is for the people. Whatever the intention was for the album, no one has heard it, except presumably Martin Shkreli. His assets since buying the music, have been seized and the only guilded silver box is now sitting on a government shelf, repossessed, possibly awaiting to be destroyed, based on the Shkreli legal situation. THIS IS NOT RIGHT! It’s been 5 years now essentially and no one except this now criminal who got rich wrongfully has heard the goods!
The music, that piece of history and lore deserves a proper ending. We fans deserve this. 
I am calling on whomever can release this unifying Wu-Tang rap to the nation. I’m calling on someone to help their reputation and their campaigns by releasing these bangers. Help secure votes for their base. Please sign this petition, bring da mf’n ruckus, WU-TANG is for the children! Please don’t let this album go unheard. Please someone help!