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Dear Reader,

My name is Edgar Marino Sanchez, the "only" innocent Federal Prisoner determined by a Jury. I had a two month Trial in Federal court in 2003 for a charge called Continuing Criminal Enterprise-CCE Section 848-A charged normally given to drug Kingpins. 

  I received a 40 year sentence and I've been incarcerated for a total of 19 years. Herein please read the underlined portion of the trail Judge's instructions to the Jury  and the verdict sheet. I had something called a inconsistent verdict which in turn becomes acquittal, I was tried for a Federal murder which involved distribution of major narcotics.

In order for the jury to find me guilty of killing someone while engaged in a major drug conspiracy, it was necessary that the Jury find " all four" elements of the charge-- if in any case, State and Federal, the Jury doesn't find one out of all the elements, then by law the person is acquitted even if the Jury called a guilty verdict. The verdict being called "guilty" with missing elements in an " inconsistent verdict", and when a verdict in inconsistent the Judge is obligated to intervene and correct the verdict by calling an acquittal. Under a general verdict, the Judge is to correct before the Jury is dismissed, however, under a special verdict, the Judge cam harmonize the verdict at any time, including now because my verdict was under special verdict form, this is a must. If the Judge fails to do so then the verdict and the incarceration of such person violates the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America.

In Federal Courts, murder chargers are not to be determined as to whether or not the charge  "physically" occurred but rather that the charge happened to further a specific objective as opposed to a murder charge in the state courts where the Jury is required to find if the person on trial committed the act. In my case the objective, for killing someone was that I allegedly distributed 5 kilograms or more of cocaine, 1 kilogram or more of heroin or 50 grams of crack cocaine or more. The Jury did not find the specific quantity, only one out of the three drugs elements presented. In my case, that's the second element for the murder charge. If the Jury did not find that the murder happened to further the distribution of "one" of those "specific quantities" then I am "legally innocent" of Federal murder as opposed to 
 physically innocent".

At this time I am only the only legally innocent person in the entire Federal Prison System. The inconsistent verdict/acquittal is here for everyone to see. The drug quantities that the Jury determined did not only get me acquitted of Federal murder charge, but the remaining drug quantity charge only carry a mandatory minimum sentence of 36 months of incarceration. My time served in prison is overlapped by and extra 16 years, which means I am serving 40 years for nothing at all. Unless the Judge removes the acquitted murder charge from my conviction, I will remain in custody until 2036, To support the " FreeEddyMovement" please write a support letter to the below address in support of a pending motion that is on the Judge's desk to be decided this year. Or you may send correspondence to me directly.

United States District Court for the Southern District of New York                              Chambers of Paul A. Crotty                                                                                          United States District Court                                                                                        500 Pearl Street                                                                                                            New York, New York 10007


Edgar Sanchez 11708-265                                                                                          FCI Victorville Medium 1                                                                                              PO BOX 3725                                                                                                            Adelanto, CA 92301

Through the 16 years that I've served, my two children, Keyla 21, and Eric 19, have grown and become college students. Unfortunately for me, the New York Times wrote a false article stating that i shot a 19 year old seven times, and their was an offer for $5000 for people to be shot, and that I faced a mandatory life sentence. First, the deceased young man was shot only twice in a unfatal area and unintentionally killed. Second, the United States Government ( the federal prosecutors) introduced two theories for the killing; that I was offered money to kill; and that I was going to take over the Hughes Boys Organization-- both of which I was not charged with and/or proven by a Jury. For many years I have spent my time in deep remorse for accidentally shooting that young man of whom I had never met or saw prior to the shooting.  Through the years I tried to reach out to his family but unfortunately he has none.

I've been successful in extensive rehabilitation and continue to strive for constructive thought process to bring about pro social media action and I believe that I deserve a second chance.  My goals include a list of over 60 educational programs that I have completed. I have been a GED teacher for over 12 years in the Federal Prison System. I have learned three additional languages, totaling five. I'm a certified physical trainer, and I am currently seeking my Masters Degree in Business Management through Ashworth College; you can view is online, my student number is AC1000792. For further inquiry about my case, go to pacer.com and see United States of America v. Edgar Sanchez; Case No. S12 01 Cr 74 (SAS) (PAC); District Court- Southern District of New York. 

Thank You in Advance for Any Support



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