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Federal Law Prohibiting Removal or Defacing of all Historical Statues

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So as most of you know I am a very politically minded person as well as very opinionated, with that said I would like to point out that I have been pretty silent for months now. But now I must get up on my soap box for a bit and voice my opinion on this crisis in America. Now as you all know I gave the best years of my life defending this great country that allows everyone the right to free speech and I still stand for that today. And I would gladly pick up where I left off and put my anchors back on and fight for her today as crippled as I am. I love I MEAN LOVE MY GREAT NATION! But at the moment I am so ashamed of what is happening here and how so many people are so blinded by the obvious attempts to split our nation by the media and many with in our political realms. Let me explain something to you I truly was very unaware of what racism was until I joined the Navy I was not raised to be that way and honestly never really seen it growing up in small town Texas. So I feel blessed on that fact. Now I did see first hand what racism was in the Navy as well as in the places I traveled over the years in my service. However, my eyes never seen color and still do not I see what God intends me to see and that is my fellow brother and sisters, his children. Sadly, in my opinion, the presidency of Obama has set our country back fifty years or more because for eight long years he allowed unvetted illegal immigrants to pour over our borders from all over the world and trust me as someone that has been to many places these people came from, they come here with no love in their hearts for us our nation or its history. LEGAL IMMIGRANTS come here with love and a dream to achieve the American dream. I also believe that this is all part of a larger design by the elitists of the world to spread hate and divide our country to allow its take over. Point in case look at the UK or France or dozens of other countries that are being overan. So with this hate and cancer growing in our country it turns into the destruction of our country little by little it has grown over the last 8 years to the point now that landmarks and icon of our history are being destroyed sadly by those that are truly ignorant to the true facts and are being encouraged by race baiting public figures and a deeply biased media. Let me state for the record slavery is deplorable PERIOD and is truly the most disgusting thing I can think of. But let us get some facts straight here. For starters, there are thousands of people under the yolk of slavery today all over the middle east and Africa. Where is the outrage for that why is nothing being done about this modern day problem. Second, every single race in the world has been in the chains of slavery at one time or another. Hell even during our countries darkest times before the civil war during and after it whites and blacks were both enslaved and not always just by white men there are hundreds of documented cases of black men owning slaves as well. Oh and let us not forget that there were plenty of slave owners in the North as well even after the civil war. You see I am a history major and I love history because it is what shaped our nation and if we know our history and are taught our history the good and the bad we have less chance of repeating it.
Now let me give you an old Texas farm boy lesson. To keep cattle in we would use electric fence between pastures. After a while, the cattle learned to not go near the posts and wire because it hurt them. And even to the point, the wire could be removed and just the posts sticking up would make the cattle remember that was bad do not go near them. But guess what once you take down the posts the memories of the pain endured by the fence fade and they roam where they desire. This is the danger of removing our historical monuments because our pasts offend us allows for us to forget and repeat it!!! Think about that! And if we are going to remove Confederate statues because of slavery then where do we stop? I mean honestly is Mount Rushmore next or the Washington Monument or the Jefferson Memorial? Or what about the two biggest SLAVERY MONUMENTS IN THE WORLD? Starting with the Democratic party! Sadly they are still keeping millions of oppressed of ALL races they just changed how they enslave people they threw out the yolk and created the handout making millions dependent upon the government with the welfare state. If you do not believe me look at cities like Detroit where they have been governed by Democrats since the 60's. It is in ruin and why is that? It is so that the elites can keep the poor of ALL colors oppressed, the rich get richer on the backs of the poor. And since we are destroying historical monuments that remind people of slavery what about the biggest and worst of all. The great Pyramids of Egypt were built over several centuries of slavery, but it is funny I have never once met a single Jewish person in my life that felt that they were owed something because what had happened to their ancestors centuries ago! Are for that matter what happened to them by Hitler. If this destruction of historical monuments continues to be allowed how long until other things like our historical literature is burned in town squares. We none of us are responsible for what our ancestors did or didn't do period! I stand firm in the belief that anyone that destroys any type of monument of our history should face legal charges. Like the cattle, I mentioned if you destroy the symbols that mark our history people will forget and can easily repeat the mistakes of the past.           


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