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Fair Compensation For a Wounded Veteran

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Lance Corporal Adam Perez, a Marine Corp Veteran, served this nation valiantly and with honor, placing his duty to his country above all else, and risking his health both physically and mentally on a daily basis to do so. He was assigned to an artillery division, and exposed daily to loud noises, from which he suffered hearing loss. As a result of his assigned duties, Adam developed severe anxiety and crippling PTSD. After being injured by a 1-55 round, Adam is left with such severe PTSD that even the basic enjoyment of simple things such as watching fireworks with his children are now off limits to Adam. He instead will find a place where he cannot see them, and put on noise cancelling headphones so that also cannot hear them. Adam also has a service related foot injury from which he has had multiple surgeries to date. So, to simply list the major issues he suffers with: Anxiety, PTSD, Traumatic Brain injury, hearing loss, foot injury, as well as flash backs from the horrific things he saw while stationed overseas in the Middle East. He has been told he cannot come back to his job until his injuries have been taken care of, which may never occur due to the nature of his numerous medical issues.

Though the VA has previously given him every diagnosis listed above and more, and though he was previously rated with a 50% disability rating from the VA, Adam continued to try to work. An amazing father, husband and friend with a will to push himself past what others believed should be his stopping point, Adam realized that he needed to file for his service related disability pension. Upon doing so, the VA changed their rating on Adam, and is now stating that though they acknowledge his different disabilities, that none of them are service related. As so many veterans have been, Adam Perez has been just another in a long list of heroes who come home to a lack of concern for their wellbeing and care. Please, take the time to sign this petition, and stand with Adam. We are only asking for fair compensation for his injuries, as every man or woman who stands on the front lines of battle not only deserves, but has a right to. They gave their lives to us, and came home broken for doing so. Let us give their lives back to them, and do our part to mend the wounds by seeing to it that this type of activity by our Veterans Administration does not go unnoticed. Shed your light on this by signing your name, and let’s see what can happen to bring this whole tragic system to right standing with fair and honest treatment for our brave men and women, and for Lance Corporal Adam Perez.


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