Fair and Verifiable Federal Election

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With the current pandemic and civil unrest many States of the Republic are taking action to allow voting, on short notice, using untried methods or voting systems. Some of the systems being put in place lack even the minimum requirements to secure the vote and ensure that the person voting is eligible and will be able to cast a vote only once.

We purpose the following process listed be put in place nationwide as a safeguard of voting integrity and give the American people the faith to believe in the election process.

Therefore this petition for the Federal Election Validation Initiative go active for signatures on September 11th, 2020, a date that reminds us as citizens of our strength as a nation.  We call on you to put forth emergency legislation or executive order that requires, as a minimum, the following Ballot Process Framework.

The Ballot Process Framework to function properly must be in one facility, secure against outside influence and access limited to sworn election officials.

Ballot accessment Method

Station 1: Arrival Validation

1. Arrival at designated ballot processing facility. Only the following are accepted ballot transportation mediums:

a. U.S. Postal Service; delivered as US Mail;

b. Sworn Election Officer custody, transferred from a certified ballot concentration point;

c. Electronic Media Custody Officer, with secure electronic media sent from polling place.

2. Verification of ballot/electronic media security and chain of custody.

3. Log in ballot shipment receipt; each ballot/electronic media is stamped received.

4. Electronic media are sent directly to recording station/tabulation.


Station 2: Ballot/Voter Verification

5. Verification of legitimate mail-in or absentee ballot.

6. Log in voter information in secure election database.

7. Verification of all required information, dates and signature is on the ballot.

8. Verification of voter as an eligible voter, including age, proper residency, non-felon, and citizenship for federal election ballots. Intrastate verification to ensure voter has not voted in another state or on multiple ballot types.

9. Database check to ensure prevention of multiple votes being cast.

10. Votes are stamped verified and forwarded to tabulation or if disqualified sent to legal analysis.


Station 3: Vote Recording and Tabulation

11. Votes are entered into computer for tabulation. Voting results on electronic media are entered into computer for tabulation. Before the process key is entered the tabulation supervisor verifies accurate entry.

12. Ballots and electronic media are stamped entered and sent to secure storage on site.