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Enforce the Immigration act of 1952/And save our kids from Sharia law and the 5 pillars

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We the people are tired of people forgetting the law..So let us remind you.for the safety of our country and chidern...we have ban muslims and it best serves the rest of The United see true muslims only Abide by sharia law as sharia law directs muslims how to direct there lives on a daily basis.and having said that...Then with due respect to that law and seperation of church and state.We should set a law in place that no educational facility public or private whether or not they take tax dollars or not.As sharia law is in direct conflict with our constitution..

Reference here

How islam is not a religion

real history on Immigration

So please America Save our country and our kids please sign.And sponsor ie be supporter so more people can see this petition..just remember for as little as 5 bucks more people will be reached.. 

 Finally as Being muslim one must abide by sharia law as it is tied into day to day living as part of islam...So one can not reasonably be expected to protect the constitution of the USA if the first they must abide by Sharia.


So we Think that

a-Sharia or the 5 pillars should not be taught in american schools

b Sharia should not in anyway be used in an american court of law

c Most important anyone that conciders themselves muslim or practicing the way of islam should be ban from holding public office as there policy making would be greatly affected by the Sharia law and or quran that can not coexist in a free and open society.. 

 d Finally Japan and poland have no immigration problem with these so called refugees as they relize that there ways of life can not coexist..



And a short brief --we should stop micro loans to immigrants for buisness untill we get a better grip on on the default numbers asthis is all tax dollars..

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