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Enforce Occupant Interior Impact Protection Standards and certification requirements for partitioned motor vehicles.

Dozens of officers have burned to death after a rear end collision because they remained in the vehicle, because they were unconscious, because the back of the head has impacted the partition during the crash. If they had retained consciousness they may have gotten out of the vehicle.

Officers have boasted about using the partition to deliberately inflict serious head injury to rear seat occupants by suddenly slamming on the brakes. This is a cowardly vicious felony called "waffling" or "noodling" the prisoner.

Taxi occupants are subject to similar injury. 

Current partition manufacturers do not comply nor do they certify compliance. 

I want to replace all sub-standard, uncertified, non-complying deadly partitions.

Supporting this petition will help fund a project to manufacture federally compliant safer partitions.

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