End the War in Afghanistan

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Scott Shearin
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On October 7, 2001 the US invaded AFG. In an apparent effort to track down Osama bin Laden to counter terror threats to US citizens. On May 2, 2011, nearly a staggering decade later, bin Laden was found and killed. In nearly yet another staggering decade, the US remains present in this foreign land. Occupying a nation that has no natural determination in the freedom, success or lives of American citizens. 

Over 2,000 American troops, sons, daughters, have died in AFG and over 20,000 have come home injured. Some devastatingly. 

This fails to represent the true nature and cost of this war. Any war for that matter. 100s of thousands of Afghani citizens have been killed by US troops during our time there. Many of those non-combatants, many of those non-combatants being small children. 

These are the true injuries our sons and daughters bring home. This is the source of our 22 Veteran suicides per day. 

I had the honor of speaking at a Veteran event 7 years ago. I was the last to speak. After listening to many great ideas for support and services from throughout the community, all great ideas, many of them implemented, I got on stage and simply stated my thoughts.

Do you want to end the Veteran suicide epidemic in our nation? Then let's stop sending our sons and daughters in to needless theaters of violent conflict. 

The room was dead silent. I felt like I said something wrong. Then it hit me. 

People know this needs to end. We understand. We just don't know what to do. 

Let's start here. With AFG. Let's sign this petition and send a clear message to the office of our Executive. Regardless of who currently holds. it. 

I personally commit to one push up for every signature we receive! 

Let me have it!