End the So-called "Cultural Exchange" between Cuba and the U.S.

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Dear Mr. President Donald Trump  and Senator Marco Rubio, 

The so-called "Cultural Exchange" between Cuba and the United States that was enacted by the Obama administration is a direct slap in the face to the Cuban exile community, which has endured so much pain at the hands of that communist tyranny.

The careers of the Cuban "artists" who benefit from the "cultural exchange" have been driven by the Castro tyranny. They serve as a vehicle for the Castro-communist dictatorship to propagate communism within the United States.  

Those Cuban "artists" are ambassadors of the Castro propaganda. They come to our free, capitalist nation to line their pockets with our dollars and return to Cuba to continue funding that dictatorship. They go back and sing to their masters and praise them on stage. By allowing the "cultural exchange" to continue, we are supporting and funding the enslavement of the Cuban people. 

The "cultural exchange" has nothing to do with culture nor exchange. The communists have done away with the traditional Cuban culture and have replaced it with communist propaganda.  

Cuba is not going to change because artists come from there for it and in the end, they manage it and the exchange never includes Cuban-American artists whose positions are openly against the dictatorship. Cuba will change when that dictatorship is deprived of any way to receive money. 

With this petition, the Cuban exile community in the United States requests the immediate elimination of the so-called "cultural exchange ".



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