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End homework for college students

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College students today have greater levels of stress than ever before in our nations history. College students have a lot on their plate whether it be sports, clubs, work, maintaining a social life, and getting enough sleep on top of all the school work and studying they have to do. Homework only causes students to stress out and the large amounts of work assigned can eventually lead to students resulting to plagiarism. This is counterintuitive because the student does not learn anything other than how to take shortcuts. I believe less time should be spent on doing homework and more time should be spent actually learning the material of the course. Students should not be graded based on how fast they can get an assignment done, but on how well they know the curriculum. More homework does not necessarily mean better performance for example, a Stanford study found that in countries that assign small amounts of homework like Japan, Denmark, and the Czech Republic they still had their students outperform students in countries with large amounts of homework such as Greece, Thailand, Iran, and the United States. Lets push for a new type of education where our students have better chances of learning and applying what they learn to the real world to become successful.

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