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Enact a Federal Law to Protect School Children from Obscene Images & Direct Harassment from Protesters


Let's all stand together to prevent the inappropriate public display of obsence material in a place where children are forced to be. 

National protesters are visiting elementary, junior high, and high schools, to leverage a loophole in the First Ammendment, by standing inches from the walkway of public schools to show giant graphic images of aborted fetuses, and forcing children to take pamphlets containing those images without their parents' consent.

This is not about religion or choice, it is about protecting all of our children from this level of obscene harassment. Children feel as though they must comply when an adult at a school demands their attention, and they feel forced to read and keep material given to them by adults at the school. 

We are calling for our government to enact a federal law mandating that such protests cannot contain graphic, obscene, or disturbing images within 500 feet of a public school, and further, to enact a federal law which prevents protesters from handing such materials directly to minors under the age of 18 without parental consent. 

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